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Updated: August 13, 2004Version: 2005
Free: noOpen source: no
Source available: noPublisher: Borland Software

JBuilder 2005 speeds Enterprise JavaBeans,™ Web, Web Services, XML, mobile, and database application development with two-way visual designers and rapid deployment to leading J2EE™ application servers, including BEA; WebLogic; IBM; WebSphere; Sybase; EAServer, JBoss; and the integrated Borland Enterprise Server. Power productivity with innovative JavaServer™ Faces, Struts, and Web Services designers, support for J2SE 5.0 (JDK™ 1.5), UML code visualization, distributed refactoring, code audits, enterprise unit testing, and support for multiple version-control systems. Build in quality with integrated Borland Optimizeit™ Suite performance tools and J2EE profiling.

JBuilder 2005 features a JavaServer Faces editor and visual flow designer, J2SE 5.0 and J2EE 1.4 support, Distributed refactoring, Code audits, Additional Optimizeit performance tools, and Expanded ALM integration.

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