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JBoss Tools
Updated: May 7, 2009Version: 3.0
Free: yesOpen source: yes
Source available: yesPublisher: JBoss
JBoss Tools is an umbrella project for the JBoss developed plugins that will make it into Red Hat Developer Studio. It includes the following Eclipse modules:
  • RichFaces VE - The visual editor contributed by Exadel provides visual editing support for HTML and JSF (JSP and Facelets) pages. RichFaces VE also include visual support for specific JSF component libraries including JBoss RichFaces. Seam Tools Will include support for seam-gen, RichFaces VE integration, Seam related code completion and refactoring and more.
  • Hibernate Tools - Supporting mapping files, annotations and JPA with reverse engineering, code completion, project wizards, refactoring, interactive HQL/JPA-QL/Criteria execution and more.In short a merger of Hibernate Tools and Exadel ORM features.
  • JBoss AS Tools - Easy start, stop and debug of JBoss AS 4+ servers from within Eclipse. Will also include features for efficient packaging and deployment of any type of Eclipse project.
  • Drools IDE - Rules file editing, Rete View, working memory debugging/inspection and more.
  • JBPM Tools - JBPM workflow editing, deployment and more.
  • JBossWS Tools - Inspecting, invoking, developing and functional/load/compliance testing of web services over HTTP, base tooling provided by soapUI with the addition of JBossWS specific features/support.

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