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Mobile JSF Kit
Updated: September 2, 2009Version: N/A
Free: yesOpen source: yes
Source available: yesPublisher: Ericsson
The Mobile JSF (JavaServer Faces) kit consists of the open source licensed MobileFaces core library, a developer's guide and sample applications to help Java EE developers to simplify the development of web applications for desktop web browsing and mobile browsing.

MobileFaces abstracts the difficulties in the development of mobile applications, and enables rendering of different page content for different end devices based on one JSF page. Because of this, MobileFaces can highly reduce the amount of time needed for mobile application development, maintenance and extension.

In addition to the Mobile JSF kit, there are several solutions packages, based on MobileFaces, for supporting rich media technologies and mobile web 2.0. The main purpose of these packages and the Mobile JSF Kit is to provide resources to developers. The applications deliver content and services for the open mobile channel, enabling mobile browsing in the same way as desktop web browsing.

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