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Updated: April 13, 2006Version: 1.1.5
Free: yesOpen source: yes
Source available: yesPublisher: Jacob Hookum
The web community is eagerly seeking a framework like Tapestry, backed by JavaServer Faces as the industry standard. While JavaServer Faces and JSP are meant to be aligned, Facelets steps outside of the JSP spec and provides a highly performant, JSF-centric view technology. Anyone who has created a JSP page will be able to do the same with Facelets. The difference is under the hood where all the burden of the JSP Vendor API is removed to more greatly enhance JSF performance and provide easy plug-and-go development. Features include:
  • Zero Tag development time for UIComponents
  • Fast Templating/Decorators for Components and Pages
  • The ability to specify UIComponent trees in separate files (UICompositions)
  • Line/Tag/Attribute precise Error Reporting
  • Specify Tags in Separate Files, even packaged with Jars
  • Full EL support, including Functions
  • Compile-time EL Validation
  • XML configuration files aren't necessary, but are available
  • Reserves the 'jsfc' attribute which acts the same as Tapestry's jwcid
  • Plugable Decorators to really make designer's job easy
  • Does *not* required any special RenderKits
  • Lastly Facelets isn't dependent on a Web Container

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