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Is JavaServer Faces a web framework?
Updated: July 31, 2008

Let's face it, there are a lot of Java web "frameworks" on the market. They can be broken up into two primary camps: action and component-based frameworks. Action frameworks include Struts, Spring MVC (and consequnetly, Grails). These frameworks help with form processing and other issues like enforcing a Model 2 architecture, integrating with data sources, general request processing, and more. They usually provide extensive underpinnings, but don't mask the fundamental request/response nature of HTTP.

Other frameworks, like Tapestry and Wicket, provide a user interface component model and some sort of event processing. Like JavaServer Faces, their goal is to simplify the programming model and abstract away the details of HTTP. Functionally, they're equivalent to the action frameworks.

So, the answer is "yes". JSF is a Java web application framework, and it is considered a "component-based" framework.

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