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RCF, a rich component library for JSF
Posted: March 16, 2007Published: March 15, 2007
Author: Matthias WessendorfPublisher: apache.org
RCF is an Ajax-based component library for the JavaServer Faces technology. RCF comes with very high quality components, and skinning (CSS-based) capabilities. RCF features include: file upload support, client-side conversion and validation, a complete Ajax-integration, data tables, hierarchical tables, color/date pickers, menu tabs/buttons, wizards, popups, toolbars, toolboxes, internationalization and accessibility. This project starts with more than 100 components which have already been documented and thoroughly tested.

RCF stands for Rich Client Framework and it means that web applications, using this component set look very similar to a real, native desktop application. The name for this project can be a subject to change.

RCF depends on some artifacts, provided by the Apache Trinidad project, such as framework features or Apache Maven plug-ins.

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