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From the Editor's Desk: JSF Summit Early Bird Discount ends Sept 21st
Posted: September 15, 2009Published: September 9, 2009
Author: Kito MannPublisher: JSFCentral
In case you haven't heard, JSFCentral and No Fluff Just Stuff have teamed up once again to launch the second annual JSF Summit this December 1st-4th in Sunny Orlando, FL. There's less than two weeks left before the $400 Early Bird discount ends.

This conference will focus on core skills, development tools, frameworks, third-party components, and the latest industry trends. Sessions will target the needs of application developers, solution architects, and project managers. Some of the key topics covered include: JSF 2.0, Seam, Spring integration, Ajax support, portlet development, testing, and working with component suites.

We've got an all-star lineup including Ed Burns, Martin Marinschek, Dan Allen, Pete Muir, Michael Freedman, Ted Goddard, Keith Donald, myself, and many others.

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