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Swing for the Web--Are We Getting Closer?
Posted: August 14, 2008Published: January 22, 2008
Author: Cay HorstmannPublisher: java.net
When I first heard about JavaServer Faces, way back at the 2002 Java One conference, it was sold as “Swing for the Web”. That caught my attention. I was sick of “assembly programming for the Web” with HTML, JavaScript, HTTP, cookies, servlets, and that special form of torture—JSP custom actions. Ever since, I have pinned my hopes on JSF because it has one thing going for it: a component model. When I need, say, a progress bar, I want to leave it to someone more skilled than me to make such a thing out of images, JavaScript, or whatever. I just want to hook it up to some property that has a progress value and move on to the next task. After all, when I use a JProgressBar in Swing, I don't worry about the pixels and animations either.

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